Training and Placement Cell

Indian Institute of Information Technology Senapati, Manipur

Campus to Corporate : A Journey

Batch 2017 - 2021

DescriptionCSE ECEInstitute
A. Total Passout Students (2017-2021)281644
B1. Student with CPI < 6.5 030205
B2. Student Interested for Entepreneurship040105
B3. Student Interested for Higher Education020103
B4. Student Interested for PSCs/PSUs020002
C. Interested/Eligible for Placement (A - (B1+B2+B3+B4))171229
D. Placed Student count so far160420
E. Percentage so far94%33%69%
F1.Company visited for placement30
F2. Total job offered280937
F3. Student count with multiple offer 070310
F4. Maximum offer received by one student040404
G. Highest CTC (in LPA)
H. Average CTC (in LPA)

Last updated: 29 June 2021

Batch 2016-2020

National Highest CTC = 8.0 LPA
National Average CTC = 5.4 LPA
National Lowest CTC = 3.7 LPA
International Highest CTC = 36 LPA
DescriptionCSE ECETotal
Total Pass-out252045
Interested/Eligible for Placement170623
Job Offered (On/Off campus)140317
Percentage so far82.35%50.00%73.91%

Student Interested for PSUs02 01 03
Student Interested for Entepreneurship00 00 00
Student Interested for Higher Education04 02 06